About Us


The Actor Space NV grew out of the Actor Space in Los Angeles, where I studied for over six years with Joe Palese and a fantastic group of actors. Scene Study was the backbone of The Actor Space. Joe’s technique, learned through such amazing coaches as Milton Katselas and Martin Landau, to name a few, gave actors a new technique to understand and embrace the writer’s work, and really bring it to life.

When I returned to Reno, with Joe’s blessing to teach his craft, I taught at various locations with great results, seeing many of my students appear both for the first time on the screen and on stage in many projects.

When it came time to yet again make this a solo journey, I sought those who knew Joe best (he passed in 2019) to get their blessing to adopt The Actor Space (and add the NV) as a testament to what Joe had given me and to be able to bring it forward.

Scene Study will always be the backbone of the Actor Space, but even as Joe brought much more to the game, so will I. Pulling from my 20+ years of working in this industry, I will create a Space that offers Actors a full range of exposures and information related to the entertainment industry both here in Reno and the Bay Area and Los Angeles Markets.

From my time as owner of Nevada Casting, I will produce a seminar open to all ages that will speak candidly about what the casting process is. How auditions are chosen, what your headshot does (or should) say about you, and the importance of having a plan.

From my time as Owner/Producer for M.O.B.Y. Productions, we will have a seminar and possibly a boot camp on what a production needs from the talent. Both the talent in front of the camera and behind it. There is very little room for on-the-job training anymore, and talent shines best when paired with knowledge.

Being married to a writer, we will also have an opportunity for writers to hear their work read by actors. To help them understand how the actor interprets what is on the page. Joe always had at least one writer take his scene study class for this very reason, and I was blessed to have Kevin Jarre in my class.

And look for this page to set up a section where I brag on you. Celebrating your current projects and making sure you are getting noticed by Casting, Agents, and Producers, Directors to increase your opportunity to work.

To further that goal, I have secured a YouTube channel where specific scenes will periodically be filmed and, while not public, will have a link to an unlisted channel where folks can see your skills.

And from time to time, we will do a showcase where industry professionals from the area will be invited to celebrate with you.

Private coaching and taping of auditions will also be available. For Members of The Actor Space, the rate will be $25 per half hour or any portion thereof. For non-Members, it will be $40 per 1/2 hour or any portion thereof.

Space will be limited to 28 in the scene study class giving every actor a chance to work at least once a month. The Seminars will be intimate as well with seating for 46, making sure we keep our focus on that select group that will become “The Actor Space.”