Backstage News

  • A look ahead to 2023
    We have big plans for 2023, do you? Follow the link to find out more
  • How are YOU doin’?
    Happy Holy Days 😊 I don’t know about all of you, but 2022 has been – “interesting” to say the least. And yet here we are, once again making plans and goals for another trip around the sun. The Actor Space NV is no exception. A lot was discovered during our first 8 months, we held a couple of sessions at a couple of locations. An Alpha and Beta test if you will,. Honestly I am glad we did, although if you had asked me at the time, my answer would have been different. Want to know what is coming […]
  • Our New Home !!!!!!
  • We have a new home!!!
    I’ll follow up with more details, but I wanted to get the word out as soon as possible. After a harrowing three months of losing our space availability at RAT Theatre, I am thrilled to announce we have a new space beginning Oct 4th within Reno Central Jazzercise. What a better place to have Actors work-out their craft? Mark your calendars to join us for our opening !
  • Getting in the Room, the Headshot
    For an actor, it is all about the chance to show what we can do to enough people that we get cast. But how do we increase our chances of not just getting into the room, but getting into the right room? It really isn’t a secret, but if it isn’t a secret why is it so hard to get it right? Well, it’s because you’re most likely looking at the challenge through the eyes of the actor and not the eyes of the folks who decide if you get in the room, In this first seminar in the business […]