Casting, Headshots and getting the Audition –  yes, it isn’t fair

Headshots - such an emotionally charged word, especially for actors.

Casting, Headshots, and getting the Audition –  yes, it isn’t fair

Ages 16+

Time: 2-3 hours

Date: Sunday, June 5th 2 pm

The Actor Space NV at Restless Artists’ Theatre

295 20th Street. Sparks, NV 89431

Call/Text with questions: 818-602-3784

$30.00 Members/$50.00 Non-Members

Seating capacity 46

Course covers:

“Why do I need a headshot?”

How do I pick a photographer?

Headshot evaluation by industry professionals

How do I make it better?

What you want your headshot to do for you.

How to maximize your chances of getting the audition

Payment accepted: Cash, Check, or Zelle the money to 818-602-3784

Headshots must be received by May 31st to be evaluated before the seminar. Send digital copies to

Monday, April 18, 2022

Headshot Seminar #1


  • What is it supposed to do?
    • The headshot should show casting a character, or at the very least lead them to think that you look like a character they are trying to cast
  • How can I maximize my investment?
    • Approach this like the business tool that it is by knowing what it is you want/need it to do
  • Do I have to have an agent?
    • Agents are great, but especially up in Northern Nevada, there are all sorts of ways you can get in front of casting.
    • Having said that, learn the business and work WITH your agent, know what part of the work of promoting you should be doing.
  • How do I figure out what they want?
    • Ah, the great “secret”. If they don’t call you in, than what you are presenting is not what they want – I’ll help you fix that.
  • Will you guide me in understanding?
    • Yup, 20 years in the production side of the business (as well as the acting side) – I know a thing or two
  • How can I attend?
    • Fill in the enrollment form here:——- Pay the fee and then email me a digital copy of your headshot to :
  • What if I don’t have a headshot yet, should I still attend?
    • Absolutely ! you will be better prepared for your headshot session.
  • How do I figure out what’s right for me?
    • You don’t do it alone, casting is a group effort, and the seminar will show you how.

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