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  • A look ahead to 2023

    We have big plans for 2023, do you? Follow the link to find out more

  • How are YOU doin’?

    Happy Holy Days 😊 I don’t know about all of you, but 2022 has been – “interesting” to say the least. And yet here we are, once again making plans […]

  • Our New Home !!!!!!

  • Getting in the Room, the Headshot

    For an actor, it is all about the chance to show what we can do to enough people that we get cast. But how do we increase our chances of […]

  • Headshots – such an emotionally charged word, especially for actors.

    Anyone else see an epic fail here looking for a place to happen? The main problem is that while we emotionally want a headshot that does all that, it is not only impossible, it is unreasonable. But that’s okay, because that is not what the thing is supposed to be in the first place.

  • The Monologue Matrix

    The Monologue Matrix

    Do you know the solutions to all these questions? If not, join me for a three week “Mini session” beginning tomorrow. I like to call it “The Monologue Matrix” Sign-up through the website: “The Monologue”, isn’t that a little too old school? • Yeah, but not everything “old” should be discarded • Classically the monologue wasn’t just for season auditions – but what you would use in a “general” with a casting director • It is your chance as an actor to let me know what (Role. Character, story) you would really like to be cast in • AND you are fully prepared to do it, so regardless of what I am currently looking for you can own the room. Why should I choose a monologue? • Good question, you begin from what is it you want the monologue to do for you? • Are you not getting auditions and want to let me know your skill set? • Are you getting called in for auditions for roles you don’t want to play? • Do your nerves get the better of you when you audition? How do I choose a monologue? What if I am overwhelmed on how to do this? • Easy answer – the Monologue Matrix is where you get the skills for this

  • “Casting, Headshots, and getting the Audition –  yes, it isn’t fair” Check out the YouTube video and don’t forget the sign-up link at the end of this post Ages 16+ […]