The Monologue Matrix

The Monologue Matrix

Do you know the solutions to all these questions? If not, join me for a three week

“Mini session” beginning tomorrow. I like to call it “The Monologue Matrix” Sign-up through the website:

“The Monologue”, isn’t that a little too old school?

  • Yeah, but not everything “old” should be discarded
  • Classically the monologue wasn’t just for season auditions – but what you would use in a “general” with a casting director
  • It is your chance as an actor to let me know what (Role. Character, story) you would really like to be cast in
  • AND you are fully prepared to do it, so regardless of what I am currently looking for you can own the room.

Why should I choose a monologue?

  • Good question, you begin with what is it you want the monologue to do for you?
  • Are you not getting auditions and want to let me know your skillset?
  • Are you getting called in for auditions for roles you don’t want to play?
  • Do your nerves get the better of you when you audition?

How do I choose a monologue?

What if I am overwhelmed with how to do this?

  • Easy answer – the Monologue Matrix is where you get the skills for this

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