Why Scene Study

As actors, having a space to flex our muscles is vital to being able to give our talent room to grow. Scene study is training in the process of “breaking down” a scene. Making decision based on the writer’s information about the character. What they want (objective). The relationships between the characters in the scenes and the characters referred to (which of the seven emotions). The character’s inner monologue (fueled by the previous discoveries) and the importance of what is between the lines.

Because we learn by watching as well as doing, we need a minimum of 12 people in class. That gives students a chance to learn the skills both as the actor and as the director. Developing the skill to make sure their intention shows up in their performance(.) Crafting the moments, emotions, intentions, and desires of the character, is the skill set sought after by directors on a set. Knowing to “raise the stakes” and not “play the end of the scene” are techniques that develop with time and practice and mark the differences between actors.

In the true style of Milton Katseles, Founder of the Beverly Hills Playhouse, and Martin Landau and via the current teachings of Joe Palese of The Actor Space, this scene study technique is very accessible to even the novice actor as long as the passion and the desire to learn are there.

To the actor, the process is valuable and infinitely rewarding for their art. To the Director, the techniques create an actor who is confident, competent and can be directed (able to make the adjustments on set needed between takes). To the Casting Director the talent becomes marketable as one who is prepared and professional to be put before Producers. To the Producer, the trained talent becomes a resource that can be called upon when such character(s) appear in a script.

I am thrilled to collaborate with Restless Artists’ Theatre and Doug Mishler to bring the area “The Actor Space NV” creating a space for local talent to grow and excel. I am passionate about the industry and about the actors who live in Northern Nevada. Spanning 20+ years in the industry I have taught actors of all ages (Reno, Pasadena) – 2002-2002 owned and operated Nevada Casting – (2004-2007) been an Owner/Producer and Managing Partner in MOBY Productions 2005-2015 specializing in SAG/AFTRA projects in both Nevada and Los Angeles. Here locally, I have been involved in the theater community since 2006 with 15+ productions on the stage and 4 as Director. As a film actress, I have many projects on IMBD (15+) and in the Festival circuits.

Debra Lynn has honed her acting skills for a number of years. She is now passing those skills on to others. Knowing her acting abilities I know she must be an amazing acting coach. Her talents are sorely missed at The Actor Space. Don’t miss the chance to study with her !!! – Joe Palese 1948-2019

Joe Palese

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