Scene Study

In a three-hour period, we can perform and critique 7 scenes per week. As we are ramping up.. there may be fewer, but 7 is the goal. Alternating weeks of new scenes and bring backs 3/4. A new scene will always go first, Dramas before Comedies when possible.

When you first enroll in the class, if you like, I will email you 2 or 3 scenes. You are welcome to find your own or use them. I suggest film scenes, to begin with; they are generally shorter than plays. You do your own casting (pick your scene partner) and arrange rehearsal time out of class.

As we progress, you will choose your own scenes from published and produced material.

Come prepared to sign up for your scenes at the beginning of class. You and your scene partner will commit a week in advance to “Put your scene up.”

Off-book, with your partner – having rehearsed at least 2-3 times before you perform it.

Week 1 perform the scene, critiques, adjustments, and perform it again.  Week 2 Bring it back the following week, having implemented the adjustments. Rehearsals in person when possible, but platforms such as Zoom do make remote rehearsals feasible with the exception of blocking.

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