Getting in the Room, the Headshot


For an actor, it is all about the chance to show what we can do to enough people that we get cast. But how do we increase our chances of not just getting into the room, but getting into the right room? It really isn’t a secret, but if it isn’t a secret why is it so hard to get it right? Well, it’s because you’re most likely looking at the challenge through the eyes of the actor and not the eyes of the folks who decide if you get in the room, In this first seminar in the business of Showbusiness, discover how to make sure you get into the right room.

This Sunday at 2 pm at The Actor Space NV join me to really understand your headshot, what you want it to do, and how to make it work FOR you, and why it is important. The seminar will last a couple of hours but you will save hundreds of hours trying to figure it out and a good chunk of change by getting productive headshots right away.

To get a little taste of what is to come, check out this YouTube video

And to register go to: scroll down the page to Seminar and register and pay.

Oh, and send me a digital copy of your headshot to:

See you in the Room

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